SEX - Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English (Chapter 8)

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Girls marry, in the final analysis, because love for the male is an

innate natural principle of the female nature. At its best this love

is pure and chaste. The good woman realizes that its first purpose is

not mere carnal pleasure. It is a special avowal of the wife's

relations to her husband, and its natural as well as moral end is the

establishment of the family on the basis of a healthy progeny.



                            BEFORE MARRIAGE


The wife-to-be, like her prospective husband, will be well advised to

ask for a medical health certificate. No man, no matter how good his

reputation may be, should marry (on his own account as well as that of

the girl) without thorough examination by a physician. The

consequences of venereal infection administered to unborn children by

their parents are too horrible to allow of any risk being taken.

Another bit of advice, which cannot be too highly commended, is that

the prospective husband and wife, before they marry, have a plain talk

with each other regarding individual sexual peculiarities and needs. A

heart-to-heart talk of this kind would be apt to prevent great

disappointments and incompatibilities which otherwise may become




                       THE WIFE AND HER POSITION

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