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Chapter 7

Marriage is the process by which a man and woman enter into a complete

physical, legal and moral union. The natural object of marriage is the

complete community of life for the establishment of a family.


At twenty-four the male body attains its complete development; and

twenty-five is a proper age for the young man to marry. Romantic love,

personal affection on a basis of congeniality, mutual adaptation, a

similar social sphere of life, should determine his choice. Nature and

custom indicate that the husband should be somewhat older than the



Men suffering with diseases which may be communicated by contagion or

heredity should not marry. These diseases include: tuberculosis,

syphilis, cancer, leprosy, epilepsy and some nervous disorders, some

skin diseases and insanity. A worn-out rake has no business to marry,

since marriage is not a hospital for the treatment of disease, or a

reformatory institution for moral lepers. Those having a marked

tendency to disease must not marry those of similar tendency. The

marriage of cousins is not to be advocated. The blood relation tends

to bring together persons with similar morbid tendencies. Where both

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