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Chapter 3

During the first years of child life all those laws of practical

hygiene which make for good health should be carefully observed. Every

organ of the body should be carefully protected, even at this early

age. The genital organs, especially, should not be rubbed or handled

under any pretext, beyond what is absolutely necessary for

cleanliness. The organs of generation, which we are apt to treat as

nonexistent in children, just because they are children, claim just as

much watchful care as any others.


Even in infancy, the diaper should fit easily about the organs which

it covers, so as not to give rise to undue friction or heating of the

parts. And for the same reason it should always be changed immediately

after urination or a movement of the bowels. No material which

prevents the escape of perspiration, urine or fecal matter should be

employed for a diaper. The use of a chair-commode as early as the end

of the first year is highly to be commended, as being more comfortable

for the sex organs and healthier for the child. It favors, in

particular, a more perfect development of limbs and hip joints.


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