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Chapter 10

When we take under consideration the higher, truer love of one sex for

the other, that is, an affection which is not simply a friendship, but

has a sex basis, we realize that it may be a very noble emotion. There

is no manner of doubt but that the normal human being feels a great

need for love. Sex in love and its manifestation in the life of the

soul is one of the first conditions of human happiness, and a main aim

of human existence.

All know the tale of Cupid's arrow. A man falls in love with a face, a

pair of eyes, the sound of a voice, and his affection is developed

from this trifling beginning until it takes complete possession of

him. This love is usually made up of two components: a sex instinct,

and feelings of sympathy and interest which hark back to primal times.

And this love, in its true sense, should stand for an affection

purified from egoism.

When, among the lower animal forms we find individuals without a

determined sex, egoism develops free from all restraint. Each

individual creature devours as much as it can and feeding, together

with propagation by division, "budding" or conjunction, makes up the

total of its vital activities. It need do no more to accomplish the

purpose of its existence. Even when propagation commences to take

place by means of individual male and female parents, the same

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