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Chapter 9

gonorrheal mother, while passing through the infected genital organs,

comes to life with infected eyelids. This is _Blennorrhea_, which may

result in total blindness. Gonorrhea also causes inflammation of the

joints, gonorrheal rheumatism, testicular inflammations which may lead

to sterility. Some authorities claim that fully half the sterility in

women is caused by gonorrheal infection of the Fallopian tubes.

Gonorrheal infection of the eyes at birth is now prevented by first

washing them in a saturated solution of boric acid, then treating them

with a drop of weak silver solution.


Syphilis is a still more terrible venereal disease. It usually appears

first in small, hard sores, hard chancres, on the sexual parts or the

mouth. Then the syphilitic poison spreads throughout the whole body by

means of the blood. After a few weeks it breaks out on the face or

body. Its final cure is always questionable. Syphilis may lie dormant

for years, and then suddenly become active again. It breaks out in

sores on all parts of the body, often eats up the bone, destroys

internal organs, such as the liver, causes hardening of the lungs,

diseases of the blood vessels and eye diseases. Ulcers of the brain

and nerve paralysis often result from it. One of its most terrible

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