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Chapter 5

Adolescence is the period when the boy is lost in the man. It is the

time of life embraced between the ages of fourteen or sixteen and the

age of twenty-five. Every boy, if properly trained, should reach this

period in a state of good general health and spirits. Hitherto he has

been led and guided. Now he must develop mental strength and will

power himself to choose the good and refuse the evil in the sexual

problems confronting him.


According to climate puberty, the age when the human male becomes

sexually perfect, varies from ten to fifteen years. In the United

States puberty in the male usually occurs at the age of fourteen and a

half years. In tropical climates it occurs at nine or ten, and in cold

countries, such as Norway and Siberia, it may not take place until

eighteen or nineteen. Vigorous physical exercise tends to delay

puberty, anything exciting the emotions tends to hasten it.

Stimulating foods, pepper, vinegar, mustard, spices, tea and coffee,

excess meat nutriment hasten puberty. A cool, unstimulating vegetable

and farinaceous diet may delay the development of the sexual system

several months or a year.


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