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Chapter 6

inherent constitutional weakness. Premature puberty is often

associated with premature decay.


In the girl the sign of puberty is the growth of hair about the pubes,

private organs and armpits. Her whole frame remains more slender than

in the male. Muscles and joints are less prominent, limbs more rounded

and tapering. Internal and external organs undergo rapid enlargement,

locally. The _mammae_ (the breasts) enlarge, the ovaries dilate, and a

periodical uteral discharge (menstruation) is established.


No young girl should feel alarmed if, owing to the negligence of her

parents or guardians to prepare her, she is surprised by this first

flow from the genital organs. Puberty is the proper time for the

appearance of menstruation. This is the periodical development and

discharge of an ovule (one or more) by the female, accompanied by the

discharge of a fluid, known as menses or catamenia. Menstruation, in

general good health, should occur about every twenty-eight days, or

once in four weeks. This rule, however, is subject to great variation.

Menstruation continues from puberty to about the forty-fifth year,

which usually marks the _menopause_, or "change of life." When it

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