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Chapter 6

Adolescence in the girl is the period when she develops into a woman.

It is that stage in female life embraced between the ages of twelve or

fourteen and twenty-one years. Elasticity of body, a clear complexion,

and a happy control of her feelings should mark the young girl at this

time, if she has been so fortunate as to escape the dangers and

baneful influences of childhood and infancy. Her numerous bodily

functions should be well performed. Thus constituted she should be in

a condition to take up her coming struggle with the world, and the sex

problem it will present.


It has been noticed that in the case of girls, puberty usually occurs

earlier in brunettes than in blondes. In general, it makes its

appearance earlier in those of a nervous or bilio-nervous temperament

than in those whose temperament is phlegmatic or lymphatic. In the

United States fourteen and a half years is the usual age of puberty in

girls. In tropical lands, however, it is not uncommon for a girl to be

a mother at twelve. Country girls (and boys) usually mature several

months or a year later than those living in cities. Too early a

puberty in girls may well arouse concern. It usually indicates some

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