Second Chance Romance (Chapter 4, page 1 of 13)

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Chapter 4

Mandy was marking more papers and helping Colton with his homework. There were only three days left before Christmas holidays. This year they were staying in Red Deer. Mandy's car was far too unreliable to make the trip to Saskatchewan. Her parents were driving down three days after Christmas and planning on staying for three days.

It wasn't going to be the two of them, thankfully. Two sets of friends, who weren't able to visit with their families either, had agreed to all get together for the day and split up making a holiday feast together. Colton wasn't as thrilled with the arrangement, but at least it wasn't going to just be the two of them.

It had also been five days since she had sent Kip her phone number. She had spent the week not watching the games that were televised, but only when Kip played, and not counting the days until he was due to return to Calgary. She had also not been hoping that he would call the moment he walked in his front door.

The phone rang, breaking into the silence between muted conversation when Colton had a question. Colton jumped up to answer it. "I'll get it," he announced, looking over his shoulder for her consent.

Mandy nodded and he pushed the talk button. "Hello?" Mandy watched him as he nodded, pressing the receiver against his ear. "Yeah, that's me. Oh okay, she's here. Mo-om, it's for you. It's some guy." He held out the phone for her.

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