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Chapter 1

14 years ago ....

Kip Turner was bored in math class. He was bored at school most of the time. He was good at it without trying. He didn't need to be the best. He just needed to get an eighty-percent average and his parents would let him play sports. He could manage that without too much effort.

He raised his hand. Mr. Parker sighed. "Yes, Mr. Turner."

"Can I have a hall pass?" Mr. Parker looked annoyed. Kip took a hall pass for a bathroom break everyday. "I'm done the assignment." The teacher's shoulders dropped and he waved Kip to the front of the room.

On the way to the bathroom his eye was caught by a bulletin board set up in front of the English room. It wasn't his English class that was on his display, he felt relief. He didn't want his crap on display for the entire school. He read an uninspired, regurgitated essay and rolled his eyes. He glanced up at the title in bold, pink and blue letters, "My Future Plans."

He was going to move away, go back to class, but another poster drew his eye. The writer had meticulous handwriting and had written far more than anyone else. He glanced at the attached picture of a young girl with a pile of stuffed animals on her bed. She was holding a stick and pointing at something out of the picture behind her. Intrigued by the story behind the picture and what someone could be planning so thoroughly, Kip began to read.

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