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Family - Mimidae, Species - Mimus polyglottos The Mockingbird's scientific name - polyglottos - means "many tongued". This 10-inch in length gray/brown bird imitates dozens of other birds, as well as other animals, machinery, insects and even musical instruments. The southern United States is considered the mockingbird's traditional home despite the "Northern" part of their common name. They are very adaptable and are found in a wide range of habitats from the woods, fields, meadows and gardens of the rural south to suburbs, cities and even westward to dry cactus land and northerly, particularly the northeast.

The mockingbird perches to sing a variety of original and imitative songs. Their evening "whisper song" is especially significant in the calm nighttime. It often flutters skyward while singing and tumbles back to perch. It may sing well into the night or on moonlit nights until dawn.

Brave and tenuous with just a 13 - 15-inch wing span and average size songbird beak, it will attack larger birds and mammals that threaten its home and family. Both male and female defend habitats. Mockingbirds are monogamous and solitary nesters. They are not dependent on flock participation.

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