The Mockingbird's Ballad (The Cavalry of the CSA in the West, page 1 of 1)

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"War suites them," wrote Major William T. Sherman, speaking of the western Confederate cavalrymen, who Joseph Wheeler commanded from October 3, 1862 to January 28, 1865. "The rascals are brave, fine riders, bold to the point of rashness and dangerous in every sense."


Quotes about Joseph Wheeler from friends: ". . . . one of the two ablest cavalry officers which the war developed."

- Robert E. Lee ". . . . a dash and activity, vigilance and consummate skill, which justly entitled him a prominent place on the roll of great cavalry leaders."

- Jefferson Davis And from an old opponent: ". . . . in the event of war with a foreign country, 'Joe' Wheeler is the man to command the cavalry of our country."

- William T. Sherman

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