The Midnight Queen (Chapter 4, page 2 of 12)

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Chapter 4

"I, for one, shall never try to read it," said Sir Norman. "I am about
tired of this labyrinth of mysteries, and shall save time and La Masque
to unravel them at their leisure."

"Then you mean to give up the pursuit?"

"Not exactly. I love this mysterious beauty too well to do that; and
when next I find her, be it where it may, I shall take care she does not
slip so easily through my fingers."

"I cannot forget that page," said Ormiston, musingly. "It is singular,
since, he wears the Earl of Rochester's livery, that we have never seen
him before among his followers. Are you quite sure, Sir Norman, that you
have not?"

"Seen him? Don't be absurd, Ormiston! Do you think I could ever forget
such a face as that?"

"It would not be easy, I confess. One does not see such every day. And
yet--and yet--it is most extraordinary!"

"I shall ask Rochester about him the first thing to-morrow; and unless
he is an optical illusion--which I vow I half believe is the case--I
will come at the truth in spite of your demoniac friend, La Masque!"

"Then you do not mean to look for him to-night?"

"Look for him? I might as well look for a needle in a haystack. No! I
have promised La Masque to visit the old ruins, and there I shall go
forthwith. Will you accompany me?"

"I think not. I have a word to say to La, Masque, and you and she kept
talking so busily, I had no chance to put it in."

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