When a Man Marries (Chapter 2, page 2 of 10)

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Chapter 2

The Dallas Browns walked; they lived in the next block. And they brought
with them a man named Harbison, that no one knew. Anne said he would
be great sport, because he was terribly serious, and had the most
exaggerated ideas of society, and loathed extravagance, and built
bridges or something. She had put away her cigarettes since he had been
with them--he and Dallas had been college friends--and the only chance
she had to smoke was when she was getting her hair done. And she had
singed off quite a lot--a burnt offering, she called it.

"My dear," she said over the telephone, when I invited her, "I want you
to know him. He'll be crazy about you. That type of man, big and deadly
earnest, always falls in love with your type of girl, the appealing
sort, you know. And he has been too busy, up to now, to know what love
is. But mind, don't hurt him; he's a dear boy. I'm half in love with him
myself, and Dallas trots around at his heels like a poodle."

But all Anne's geese are swans, so I thought little of the Harbison man
except to hope that he played respectable bridge, and wouldn't mark the
cards with a steel spring under his finger nail, as one of her "finds"
had done.

We all arrived about the same time, and Anne and I went upstairs
together to take off our wraps in what had been Bella's dressing room.
It was Anne who noticed the violets.

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