When a Man Marries (Chapter 3, page 2 of 12)

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Chapter 3

"We always expect something unusual from James, Miss Caruthers," he
said, with his best manner, "but THIS--this is beyond our wildest

Well, it's too awful to linger over. Anne took her upstairs and into
Bella's bedroom. It was a fancy of Jim's to leave that room just as
Bella had left it, dusty dance cards and favors hanging around and a
pair of discarded slippers under the bed. I don't think it had been
swept since Bella left it. I believe in sentiment, but I like it brushed
and dusted and the cobwebs off of it, and when Aunt Selina put down her
bonnet, it stirred up a gray-white cloud that made her cough. She did
not say anything, but she looked around the room grimly, and I saw her
run her finger over the back of a chair before she let Hannah, the maid,
put her cloak on it.

Anne looked frightened. She ran into Bella's bath and wet the end of a
towel and when Hannah was changing Aunt Selina's collar--her concession
to evening dress--Anne wiped off the obvious places on the furniture.
She did it stealthily, but Aunt Selina saw her in the glass.

"What's that young woman's name?" she asked me sharply, when Anne had
taken the towel out to hide it.

"Anne Brown, Mrs. Dallas Brown," I replied meekly. Every one replied
meekly to Aunt Selina.

"Does she live here?"

"Oh, no," I said airily. "They are here to dinner, she and her husband.
They are old friends of Jim's--and mine."

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