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Chapter 2

Byron knocked on the glass for the third time. "What the hell is wrong wit' ya girl?" he snapped.

Cleo came to her defense from behind her. "Shut up and git your change elsewhere ya big bully."

Bryon's beady little brown eyes gave Cleo a "why-don't-you-shut-your-mouth" glare. "Cause I can get it here, whore."

Being called a whore didn't bother Cleo. "Don't you read asshole?" She pointed to the sign above Nicole's head, which read, "NO CHANGE OVER TEN." Marvin had instilled that ruled because some of the cashier's were being short changed by changed artist.

Byron looked directly at Nicole. "Give me the change, Nick, or I'll tell your brother you've been giving out favors like your whore friend does."

Nicole took the twenty he slid under the bullet proofed glass and changed it out quickly in the drawer. When she set the bills back under the glass, Cleo grabbed two dollars.

"Give me my money, whore," Byron ordered pounding on the glass.

Cleo giggled. "That's change cashing fees, asshole." She threw the bills in the tip cup by the glass. "Now get your scrawny self out our face."

He hit the glass with his fist one last time before walking away.

"What's gotten into you, Nicole?" Cleo asked.


"You've been staring at page two of that book for the past hour and there's nothing wrong. Is your uncle pestering you again?"

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