Love Like This (Chapter 3, page 3 of 9)

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Chapter 3

Delving deep into her studies after doing all the orders, at twelve, she wasn't aware of someone walking up to the counter until someone slipped a twenty in the money slot.

As before this one, she pointed to the sign without saying a word and hoping the "john" would go away.

Another twenty was laid on top of the first. "Can you read-" she was cut short as she found his eyes of green as usual breathtaking. Did he know how beautiful they were? Biting her lip from any smart comment she said, "Whatever you want, I'm not that type of girl."

"What type of girl are you?"

"What type do I look like?" she snapped. He was purposely edging her into a verbal conflict.

"A sixty dollar whore?" With that he placed another twenty on top of the other two.

She looked down at the money, then back up at him. Deciding to play his game she said, "Can't you find someone else to bother?"

"I'd much rather bother you."

"I don't like you. I don't like anything about you."

He leaned on the counter and lit a cigarette. "Feelings mutual, but a man's got needs and right now I want to finish what you started behind that garage."

"There's nothing to finish."

He took a long drag on the cigarette giving her a skeptical look. "Rumor has it, for a good time, I can come in here and set some bills on the counter and you'll take me somewhere private and show me what a real woman can do."

"I wouldn't give you a good time if you paid me a hundred dollars. I told you I don't do that."

"Then who does?"

"The other girl's, I guess. I don't and I won't with you."

"Is it just me or do you give your favors out to all those black men that come strutting up in here to pester you."

Nicole decided to keep him guessing. "That's none of your business."

He took one more drag on the cigarette before grounding the butt out in the tray on the countertop. "How much is it going to take for you to please me?"

Continuing his verbal play, she leaned in the glass to give him her best seductive stare. "You couldn't afford me," she whispered.

"How much?" he asked again his eyes practically dancing like green Christmas tree lights now that he knew she was going to play with him.

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