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Chapter 4

Awaking in bed, Lynne looked at the empty pillow beside her and frowned. It wasn't like him to not call or come home. Picking up the cordless phone beside the bed, she dialed the office in Auburn Hills where James worked. Ethan stayed on the sites most of the time, but used James' secretary, Kristen Marks to keep up with his appointments.

Kristen answered the phone as polite as ever, although her tone went a little wayward when she realized exactly who was on the other line. "Good morning, Mrs. Black, James hasn't come in yet."

"I was wondering if you've heard from my husband?"

"Mr. Black left a message to reschedule all his appointments for the next seven days to after the holidays if possible." Her tone of voice was directly sarcastic as if Lynne should already know this.

Lynne didn't exactly care for this little chit working for James, but she was a daughter of a friend of the family and James had said she did excellent work. "Would you know the reason behind this?"

Sighing impatiently, Kristen answered, "He's working on dual projects." Again, her tone was as if Lynne should have known this. "It may be taking up a lot of his time. Especially since he needed special zoning with one of them."

Of course this didn't interest Lynne. Nothing of what her husband ever did interested the selfish woman, but she was always interested in James schedule.

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