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Chapter 30

The fort had four large compartments which consisted of a mess-room
already described, a living-room, general sleeping quarters for the
Jesuit Fathers, lay brothers and officers, and a large room for stores.
A roomy loft extended over the mess-room, to be resumed again over the
sleeping quarters, the living-room being situated between. Unknown to
the Iroquois, a carpenter's shop had been established in the loft for
the purpose of constructing some boats.

From the living-room there came to the Chevalier the murmur of voices,
sometimes a laugh. He was unaware of how much time passed. He was
conscious only of the voices, the occasional laugh, and the shining
pieces of silver in his hand. The perpendicular furrow above his nose
grew deeper and deeper, the line of his lips grew thinner and thinner,
and the muscles of his jaws became and remained hard and square.
Presently he shook his head as a lion shakes his when about to leap.
He righted the corporal's chair and pushed his own under the table. He
had forgotten his hunger. With the coin closed tightly in his fist, he
started toward the door which gave into the living-room. He stopped
still when his foot touched the threshold, and leaned against the jamb,
gloomily surveying the occupants of the room. He saw Victor seated at
his table, making corrections on the pages of what was to be his book
of lore. Father Chaumonot and Brother Jacques shared the table with
the poet, and both were reading. The gentlemen who had been forced
either by poverty or the roving hand of adventure to take parts in this
mission drama were gathered before the fire, discussing the days of
prosperity and the court of Louis XIII. A few feet from the poet's
table stood another, and round this sat Major du Puys, Nicot, and the
vicomte, engaged in a friendly game of dominoes. D'Hérouville,
Corporal Frémin, Jean Pauquet and a settler named The Fox, were not
among the assemblage.

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