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Chapter 7

Prudence led Samantha along the circle of cottages. "How do you tell them apart?" Samantha asked. "They're all alike."

"There are little differences. After you've been here a while you'll understand." She stopped at the fifth cottage they passed and pointed to a gray blotch on the bottom of the doorframe. "That happened when I spilled some of the dye we use on the wool. I didn't want to waste any of the whitewash on such a small spot."

"And it makes yours different than the others."

"That is an added benefit," Prudence said. She twisted the doorknob and Samantha followed her into a dark room. While Samantha squinted to make out anything, Prudence went to the windows and opened the curtains without hesitation.

Sunlight filled the room and Samantha found herself standing next to a strange contraption. It was a wooden frame shaped like an L with strings along each side. A bit of gray fabric hung from the lower half of the L. "What is this?" Samantha asked.

"This is my loom. It's how I make the clothes."

"You make everyone's clothes with this thing?"

Prudence patted the gray fabric on the loom. "I was working on fabric to make you a new set of clothes."

"Really? That's nice of you."

"It's nothing special. I make everyone's clothes. I even made a suit for the reverend."

"All by yourself?"

"Sometimes Miss Brigham or one of the girls will help me if it's something complicated or important. I'll teach you how to use the loom so you can be my assistant."

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