The Daughter of a Magnate (Chapter 9, page 2 of 7)

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Chapter 9

"You, I believe, are responsible for the early resumption of traffic
through the caƱon," answered Marie. "Besides, nothing in our
wanderings need ever cause surprise. Anyone unfortunate enough to be
attached to a directors' party will end in a feeble-minded institution."

Gertrude was talking to the collie. "Isn't he beautiful, Marie?" she
exclaimed. "Come here, you dear fellow. I fell in love with him the
minute I saw him--to whom does he belong, Mr. Glover? Come here."

"How is your hand?" asked Marie.

"Do give Mr. Glover a chance," interposed Gertrude. "Tell me about
this dog, Mr. Glover."

"He is the best dog in the world, Miss Brock. Mr. Bucks gave him to me
when I first came to the mountains--we were puppies together----"

"And how about your hand?" smiled Marie.

"What is his name?" asked Gertrude.

"It wasn't a hand, it was a wrist, and it is much better, thank
you--his name is Stumah."

"Stumah? How odd. Come here, Stumah. Does he mind?"

"He doesn't mind me, but no one minds me, so I forgive him that."

"Aunt Jane doesn't think you mind very well," said Marie. "Clem had a
steak twice as large as usual prepared for the supper you ran away

"It is always my misfortune to miss good things."

Talking, Glover and Marie followed Gertrude and Stumah out on the grass
and across to the big platform where an overland train had pulled in
from the west. They watched the changing of the engines and the crews,
and the promenade of the travellers from the Pullmans.

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