The Daughter of a Magnate (Chapter 7, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 7

They were standing above the mouth of Dry Dollar Creek, opposite the
point of rocks called the Cat's Paw, and Glover, pulling his hat brim
into a perspective, looked up and down the river. The roadmasters had
taken some measurements and these they offered him, but he did no more
than listen while they read their figures as if mentally comparing them
with notes in his memory. Once he questioned a figure, but it was not
till the roadmaster insisted he was right that Glover drew from one of
his innumerable pockets an old field-book and showed the man where he
had made his error of ten feet in the disputed measurement.

"Bucks said last night you knew all this track work," remarked Callahan.

"I helped Hailey a little here when he rebuilt three years ago. The
track was put in then as well as it ever can be put in. The fact
simply is this, Callahan, we shall never be safe here. What must be
done is to tunnel Sleepy Cat, get out of the infernal caƱon with the
main line and use this for the spur around the tunnel. When your
message came last night, Morris and I took the chance to tell Mr. Brock
so, and he is here this morning to see what things look like after a
cloudburst. A tunnel will save two miles of track and all the

"But, Glover, what's that got to do with this fruit? Confound your
tunnel, what I want is a track. By heavens, if it's going to take
three days to get one in we might as well dump a hundred cars of fruit
into the river now--and Bucks is looking to you to save them."

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