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Chapter 8

That afternoon, accompanied by a rather boyishly excited elderly
clergyman, he took two hours off from the mill and purchased a new car
for Doctor Haverford.

The rector was divided between pleasure at the gift and apprehension at
its cost, but Clayton, having determined to do a thing, always did it

"Nonsense," he said. "My dear man, the church has owed you this car for
at least ten years. If you get half the pleasure out of using it that
I'm having in presenting it to you, it will be well worth while. I
only wish you'd let me endow the thing. It's likely to cost you a small

Doctor Haverford insisted that he could manage that. He stood off,
surveying with pride not unmixed with fear its bright enamel, its
leather linings, the complicated system of dials and bright levers which
filled him with apprehension.

"Delight says I must not drive it," he said. "She is sure I would go too
fast, and run into things. She is going to drive for me."

"How is Delight?"

"I wish you could see her, Clayton. She--well, all young girls are
lovely, but sometimes I think Delight is lovelier than most. She is much
older than I am, in many ways. She looks after me like a mother. But she
has humor, too. She has been drawing the most outrageous pictures of
me arrested for speeding, and she has warned me most gravely against
visiting road houses!"

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