Beyond the Rocks (Chapter 24, page 1 of 13)

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Chapter 24

Theodora was greatly interested in Beechleigh. To her the home of her
fathers was full of sentiment, and the thought that her grandfather had
ruled there pleased her. How she would love and cherish it were it her
home now! Every one of these fine things must have some memory.

Then the pictures of as far back as she could remember came to her, and
she saw again their poor lodgings in the cheap foreign towns and their
often scanty fare. And with a fresh burst of love and pride in him, she
remembered her father's invariable cheerfulness--cheerfulness and
gayety--in such poverty! And after he had been used to--this! For all
the descriptions of Captain Fitzgerald had given her no idea of the

Now she knew what love meant, and could realize her mother's story. Oh,
she would have acted just in the same way, too.

Dominic had been forgiven by his brother after his first wife's death,
and had come back to enjoy a short spell of peace and prosperity. And
who could wonder that Lady Minnie Borringdon, in her first season, and
full of romance, should fall headlong in love with his wonderfully
handsome face, and be only too ready to run off with him from an angry
and unreasonable parent! She was a spoiled and only child who had never
been crossed. Then came that fatal Derby, and the final extinction of
all sympathy with the scapegrace. The Fitzgeralds had done enough for
him already, and Lord Borringdon had no intention of doing anything at
all, so the married lovers crept away in high disgrace, and spent a few
months of bliss in a southern town, where the sun shone and the food was
cheap, and there poor, pretty Minnie died, leaving Theodora a few hours

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