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Chapter 27

Morella Winmarleigh had been taking an evening stroll with Lord
Wensleydown. They had come upon the two in the summer-house quite by
accident, but now they had caught them they would stick to them, and
make their walk as tiresome as possible, they both decided to

After very great emotion such as Hector and Theodora had been
experiencing, to have this uncongenial and hateful pair as companions
was impossible to bear.

Neither Hector or Theodora stirred or made room for them on the seat.

"Isn't this a sweet place, Lord Wensleydown?" Miss Winmarleigh said.
"Why have you never brought me here before? How did you find it,
Hector?" turning to him in a determined fashion. "You will have to show
us the way back, as we are quite lost!" and she giggled irritatingly.

"The first turn to the right at the end of the willows," said Hector,
with what politeness he could summon up, "and I am sure you will be
able to get to the house quite safely. As you are in such a hurry, don't
let us keep you. Mrs. Brown and I are going the other way by the river,
when we do start."

"Oh, we are not in a hurry at all," said Lord Wensleydown. "Do come with
us, Mrs. Brown, we are feeling so lonely."

Theodora rose. She could bear no more of this.

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