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Chapter 18

Next day Lady Anningford called, as she had promised, at Claridge's, and
found Mrs. Brown at home, although it was only three o'clock in the

She had not two minutes to wait in the well-furnished first-floor
sitting-room, but during that time she noticed there were one or two
things about which showed the present occupant was a woman of taste, and
there were such quantities of flowers. Flowers, flowers, everywhere.

Theodora entered already dressed for her afternoon drive. She came
forward with that perfect grace which characterized her every movement.

If she felt very timid and nervous it did not show in her sweet face,
and Lady Anningford perceived Hector had every excuse for his

"I am so fortunate to find you at home, Mrs. Brown," she said. "My
brother has told me so much about you, and I was longing to meet you.
May we sit down on this sofa and talk a little, or were you just
starting for your drive?"

"Of course we may sit down," said Theodora. "My drive does not matter in
the least. It was so good of you to come."

And her inward thought was that she would like Hector's sister. Anne's
frankness and sans gêne were so pleasing.

They exchanged a few agreeable sentences while each measured the other,
and then Lady Anningford said: "You come from Australia, don't you?"

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