The Ayrshire Legatees (Chapter 4, page 1 of 17)

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Chapter 4

There was a great tea-drinking held in the Kirkgate of Irvine, at the
house of Miss Mally Glencairn; and at that assemblage of rank, beauty,
and fashion, among other delicacies of the season, several new-come-home
Clyde skippers, roaring from Greenock and Port-Glasgow, were served
up--but nothing contributed more to the entertainment of the evening than
a proposal, on the part of Miss Mally, that those present who had
received letters from the Pringles should read them for the benefit of
the company.

This was, no doubt, a preconcerted scheme between her and
Miss Isabella Tod, to hear what Mr. Andrew Pringle had said to his friend
Mr. Snodgrass, and likewise what the Doctor himself had indited to Mr.
Micklewham; some rumour having spread of the wonderful escapes and
adventures of the family in their journey and voyage to London. Had
there not been some prethought of this kind, it was not indeed probable,
that both the helper and session-clerk of Garnock could have been there
together, in a party, where it was an understood thing, that not only
Whist and Catch Honours were to be played, but even obstreperous Birky
itself, for the diversion of such of the company as were not used to
gambling games. It was in consequence of what took place at this Irvine
route, that we were originally led to think of collecting the letters.


Miss Rachel Pringle to Miss Isabella Tod

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