The Ayrshire Legatees (Chapter 10, page 1 of 12)

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Chapter 10

On Friday, Miss Mally Glencairn received a brief note from Mrs. Pringle,
informing her, that she and the Doctor would reach the manse, "God
willing," in time for tea on Saturday; and begging her, therefore, to go
over from Irvine, and see that the house was in order for their
reception. This note was written from Glasgow, where they had arrived,
in their own carriage, from Carlisle on the preceding day, after
encountering, as Mrs. Pringle said, "more hardships and extorshoning than
all the dangers of the sea which they met with in the smack of Leith that
took them to London."

As soon as Miss Mally received this intelligence, she went to Miss
Isabella Tod, and requested her company for the next day to Garnock,
where they arrived betimes to dine with Mr. Snodgrass. Mrs. Glibbans and
her daughter Becky were then on a consolatory visit to Mr. Craig. We
mentioned in the last chapter, that the crying of Mrs. Craig had come on;
and that Mrs. Glibbans, according to promise, and with the most anxious
solicitude, had gone to wait the upshot. The upshot was most
melancholy,--Mrs. Craig was soon no more;--she was taken, as Mrs.
Glibbans observed on the occasion, from the earthly arms of her husband,
to the spiritual bosom of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which was far
better. But the baby survived; so that, what with getting a nurse, and
the burial, and all the work and handling that a birth and death in one
house at the same time causes, Mr. Craig declared, that he could not do
without Mrs. Glibbans; and she, with all that Christianity by which she
was so zealously distinguished, sent for Miss Becky, and took up her
abode with him till it would please Him, without whom there is no
comfort, to wipe the eyes of the pious elder. In a word, she staid so
long, that a rumour began to spread that Mr. Craig would need a wife to
look after his bairn; and that Mrs. Glibbans was destined to supply the

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