The Ayrshire Legatees (Chapter 6, page 1 of 20)

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Chapter 6

On Sunday morning, before going to church, Mr. Micklewham called at the
manse, and said that he wished particularly to speak to Mr. Snodgrass.
Upon being admitted, he found the young helper engaged at breakfast, with
a book lying on his table, very like a volume of a new novel called
Ivanhoe, in its appearance, but of course it must have been sermons
done up in that manner to attract fashionable readers. As soon, however,
as Mr. Snodgrass saw his visitor, he hastily removed the book, and put it
into the table-drawer.

The precentor having taken a seat at the opposite side of the fire, began
somewhat diffidently to mention, that he had received a letter from the
Doctor, that made him at a loss whether or not he ought to read it to the
elders, as usual, after worship, and therefore was desirous of consulting
Mr. Snodgrass on the subject, for it recorded, among other things, that
the Doctor had been at the playhouse, and Mr. Micklewham was quite sure
that Mr. Craig would be neither to bind nor to hold when he heard that,
although the transgression was certainly mollified by the nature of the
performance. As the clergyman, however, could offer no opinion until he
saw the letter, the precentor took it out of his pocket, and Mr.
Snodgrass found the contents as follows:-


The Rev. Z. Pringle, D.D., to Mr. Micklewham, Schoolmaster and
Session-Clerk, Garnock

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