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Chapter 8

Having decided upon the fate of Kathlyn, the natives set about
recapturing the wild elephant. It took the best part of the morning.
When this was accomplished the journey to Allaha was begun. But for
the days of peace and quiet of the wilderness and the consequent
hardness of her flesh, Kathlyn would have suffered greatly. Half the
time she was compelled to walk. There was no howdah, and it was a
difficult feat to sit back of the mahout. The rough skin of the
elephant had the same effect upon the calves of her legs that sandpaper
would have had. Sometimes she stumbled and fell, and was rudely jerked
to her feet. Only the day before they arrived was she relieved in any
way: she was given a litter, and in this manner she entered the hateful

In giving her the litter the chief mahout had been inspired by no
expressions of pity; simply they desired her to appear fresh and
attractive when they carried her into the slave mart.

In fitful dreams all that had happened came back to her--the story her
father had told about saving the old king's life, and the grim,
ironical gratitude in making Colonel Hare his heir--as if such things
could be! And then her own journey to Allaha; the nightmarish durbar,
during which she had been crowned; the escape from the ordeals with
John Bruce; the terrors of the temple of the sun; the flight from there
. . . John Bruce! She could still see the fire in his eyes; she could
still feel the touch of his gentle yet tireless hand. Would she ever
see him again?

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