Wholesale Italian Charms

Wholesale Italian Charms - Profitable and Flourishing


Wholesale Italian charms parallels with the trade in jewelry accessories that has always been a profitable and flourishing business. It's one of the latest high-growth accessory segments that is fast developing in the United States.


Italian Charms originated from Italy and now are very popular in America and Europe. Italian charm bracelets are quite the rage in the charm bracelet genre today. They are classy, easy to wear, durable and loads of fun.


Italy has been the traditional country of origin of these charms, though we are also seeing a proliferation of Italian style charms from China. The Chinese version is usually much cheaper and the charms are gold plated. The bracelets also may or may not be made from stainless steel.


The Italians actually invented this modular style of bracelet. Their bracelets are made from high quality, stainless steel for the charm links and the charms are usually made form 18K gold and soldered onto the links by hand.


Wholesale Italian charms are available in thousands of styles, typically classified into genres like: Sports charms, Festival Charms, Love Charms, Celebrity Charms, Outdoor Activities Charms, Hobby Charms, Memory Charms, etc.


There are three basic sizes of these charm bracelets  - Small, Medium and Large. wholesale Italian charms example

  • Small bracelets usually have 17 charm links

  • Medium bracelets usually have 18 links

  • Large bracelets usually have 19 links



Links are simply added on and removed for creating different sizes.


The wholesale Italian charms charm business is flourishing and there is very strong competition between the suppliers.


Among the biggest names in this business with years of experience and impeccable credentials are Zoppini, JJ Kent, Nominaiton, Disney Charms, Unodomani, Casa D'Oro, Talexia, Roma, ProCharms and PhotoCharms.



Wholesale Italian Charms - What to watch out for


Poor quality and improper and crude execution are the two main pitfalls to be avoided. Manufacturers are offering huge discounts on charms in the hope of generating business. Not all of these manufacturers offer the genuine article and it is good to do some primary research first before running with a particular supplier.


Different suppliers also specialize in genres and the styles offered by one supplier may or may not be available with another. It would be best to see the inventory of each supplier in order to get a complete range of the different styles and themes on offer.


Good quality charms from reputed brands will also be totally interchangeable with each other in the bracelet links. Smaller suppliers may promise interchangeability, which may or may not be true as per their claims.



Wholesale Italian Charms - What do they cost?


Italian-made charms retail at around $15 and go up to around $50 per charm. Most enamel charms are around $18 each, stones about $22 each and CZ's around $28.


Cheap Italian charms may cost $2.00 - $3.00. When choosing your gold and silver charm bracelet make sure to shop around for prices and quality as well. You will find that the average authentic charm bracelet can cost anywhere from $6.00 - $25.00 and you can also find them for as little as $1.00.


Suppliers will normally give you a quote based upon the style, material and quantity that you specify.


The charm market is flourishing and the trend is growing in terms of popularity and acceptability worldwide.


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