Ragout recipes

_Ragout of Asparagus._

Scrape 100 of grass clean; put them into cold water; cut them as far as is good and green; chop small 2 heads of endive, 1 young lettuce, and 1 onion. Put 1/4 of a pound of butter into the stewpan, and when it is melted, put in the grass with the other articles. Shake them well, and when they have stewed 10 minutes, season them with a little pepper and salt, strew in a little flour, shake them about, and then pour on 1/2 a pint of gravy. Stew the whole till the sauce is very good and thick, and then pour all into the dish. Garnish with a few of the small tops of the grass.

_Ragout of Mushrooms._

Broil on a gridiron some large peeled mushrooms, and clean off the inside; when the outside is brown, put them into a stewpan with a sufficient quantity of water to cover them, when they have stewed 10 minutes, put to them l spoonful of white wine the same of browning, and a little vinegar. Thicken it with butter and flour, give a gentle boil, and serve it up with sippets round the dish.

_Ragout of Artichoke Buttons._

Soak them in warm water for two or three hours, changing the water; then put them into the stewpan with some good gravy, mushroom catsup or powder. Add a little Cayenne pepper and salt when they boil, thicken them with a little flour, put them into the dish with sauce over them, and serve them hot.

_Ragout of Calves' Sweetbreads._

Scald 2 or 3 sweetbreads, cut each into 3 or 4 pieces, and put them into a stewpan with mushrooms, butter, and a fagot of sweet herbs; soak these together a moment, then add broth and gravy, simmer on a slow fire, skim the sauce well, and reduce it; season with pepper, salt and lemon-juice when ready.

_Ragout of Roots._

Cut carrots and parsnips to the length of a finger, and of much the same thickness, boil them till half done in water, put them into a stewpan with small bits of ham, chopped parsley, and shallots, pepper and salt, a glass of wine and broth, let them stew slowly until the broth is reduced pretty thick, and add the squeeze of a lemon when ready to serve. For maigre, instead of ham use mushrooms, and make a mixture beat up with yolks of eggs and maigre broth. Celery is done much the same, only it is cut smaller. If these roots are to be served in a boat for sauce, boil them tender in the broth- pot, or in water, out them into the desired length, and serve with a good gravy or white sauce.

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