What do you do for a bee sting?

Nothing relieves the pain arising from the sting of a hornet, bee, or wasp so soon as plunging the part in extremely cold water, and holding it there for some time. Water of ammonia may antagonize the poison. A cold lead-water poultice is also a very soothing application. If a number of these insects have attacked you at once, and the parts stung are much swollen, lose some blood, and take a dose of salts.

Musquito-bites may be treated in the same manner, although I have found a solution of common salt and water, made very strong, speedy and effectual in relieving the pain. Camphorated spirits, vinegar, etc., may also be used for the same purpose. A solution of Prussian blue in soft water, with which the parts are to be kept constantly moist, is a highly celebrated remedy for the stings of bees, wasps, etc.

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