Skin complexion remedies


Mix in a mortar gum arabic, 2 oz.; white honey, 6 oz. Reduce to a thick mass and add 3 oz. of neutral white soap. This being gradually incorporated, add 2 oz. of fresh coldpressed oil of sweet almonds, and finally, the yolks of 5 eggs.

The paste has a firm consistence, and is reduced by a thick milk of pistachio, made of fresh peeled pistach nuts, 4 oz.; distilled rose-water, 4 oz. Aromatize with 1/2 dr. of bitter almonds for 1 lb. of paste. A small portion, with a little warm water, produces a white lather of agreeable odor. This composition is used to whiten and soften the skin.

_Cold Cream, No. 1._

Take of spermaceti and white wax, each 5 drs.; almond oil, 10 oz. Liquefy over a water-bath; pour into a marble mortar, heated by boiling water, stir quickly, and add 3 1/2 oz. of rose-water, 15 grs. essence of roses, and a few drops of potash lye.

_Camphor Cold Cream._

Take of almond oil and rose-water, each 1 lb.; wax and spermaceti, 1 oz.; camphor, 2 oz.; Otto of rosemary, 1 dr.

_Lotion for Freckles._

Take of corrosive sublimate, 5 grs.; muriatic acid, 30 drops; lump sugar, 1 oz.; alcohol, 2 oz.; rose-water, 7 oz. Agitate together till all is dissolved. Apply night and morning.

Another.--Take of sal ammoniac, 2 drs.; cologne water, 1 oz.; soft water, 1 pint. Mix.

_Milk of Roses._

Melt together in a stoneware vessel over a waterbath, spermaceti, white wax, and soap, each 1 oz. Rub in a marble mortar bitter almonds, 2 oz.; sweet almonds, 1 lb. Take out 3/4, and on the remaining 1/4 pour the above mixture, and continue rubbing. Then add by degrees the other 3/4 of the almonds, always pestling, so as to incorporate thoroughly. In a white glass bottle mix distilled water, 1 qt.; rose-water and spirit of rose, each 1/2 pt. Reserve 1 pt., and gradually pour the mixture first made into the remainder. Rub, and strain through a cloth, then return the residuum to the mortar, triturate it with the reserved mixture, strain, and mix with the other liquid.

_Kalydor for the Complexion._

Take blanched bitter almonds, 1 part; rose-water, 16 parts. Mix and strain, then add 5 grs. of bichloride of mercury to every 8 oz. bottle of the mixture, and scent with rose or violet.

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