Old fashioned shampoo recipes

_American Shampoo Liquor._

Rum, 3 qts.; spirit of wine, 1 pt.; water, 1 pt.; tincture of cantharides, 1/2 oz., carbonate of ammonia, 1/2 oz., salt of tartar, 1 oz. Rub it on, and afterwards wash with water. By omitting the salt of tartar it nearly resembles Balm of Columbia

_Glycerine and Cantharides Lotion._

Rosemary water, 1 gall.; spirits of sal volatile, 1 oz.; tincture of cantharides, 2 oz.; glycerine, 4 oz. To be used with a sponge or soft brush twice a day when the hair is falling off.

_Dupuytren's Pomade._

Tincture of cantharides (1 part flies to 8 of proof spirit), purified beef marrow, each 1 oz.; sugar of lead, 1 dr.; balsam of Peru, 3 drs.; oils of cloves and canella, each 15 drops. Used to prevent baldness, and restore the hair.

_Eau Lustrule._

Castor oil (deodorized), 2 1/2 lbs.; strongest alcohol (deodorized), 2 1/2 lbs.; cantharides, in powder, 1/2 oz.; oil of bergamot 2 1/2 oz.; otto of roses, 20 drops. Mix; let them stand a few days, and filter. To soften the hair, and prevent baldness.

_Honey-water for the Hair._

Honey, 4 lbs.; very dry sand, 5 lbs. Mix and put into a vessel that will hold 5 times as much; distill with a gentle heat a yellowish acid water.

_Vegetable Hair Wash._

Southernwood 2 oz.; box-leaves, 6 oz.; water, 4 pts. Boil gently for 1/4 of an hour, strain, and to each pint of the liquid add 2 oz. spirit of rosemary, and 1/2 dr. of salt of tartar, or 1 dr. of Naples soap.

_Borax Hair Wash._

Borax, 1 oz.; camphor, 1/2 oz.; boiling water, 1 qt. When cold filter for use.

_Excellent Hair Wash._

Sufficient liquid ammonia added to a pint of water to make the whole pungent. Be careful not to have it too strong. Afterwards wash with clean water.

_To Cleanse Long Hair._

Beat up the yolk of an egg with a pint of soft water. Apply it warm, and afterwards wash it out with warm water.


Is usually made by infusing quince-seeds. It may also be made by boiling a tablespoonful of unbruised flaxseed in a pint of water for 5 minutes and straining. It is sometimes made by dissolving gum arabic or gum tragacanth in water. About 4 oz. gum arabic or 1 oz. gum tragacanth to the pint.

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