Zoppini Italian charms

Zoppini Italian Charms  

Zoppini Italian Charms have a long history going back the early 1990s when Zoppini Firenze was founded in 1995 by Marco, Mauro and Manuel Zoppini.

Zoppini Italian charms are popular in over 30 countries around the globe and each charm is handcrafted and represents many hours of work from master craftsmen skilled at their crafts hailing from a long tradition of goldsmiths. 

From the basic and simple to the crazy, outlandish and highly sophisticated, Zoppini charms have a wide range with a variety of choices in terms of theme, finish, material, etc. Today their collection contains over 1500 unique and exotic designs. 

Charms have always been used in traditional societies as a means of adornment and also as the very individual expression of a persons personality. Every charm is unique and the modular construction of modern day charm bracelete allows people to customize the bracelets with highly eclectic and unique combinations of charms. 

These charms are highly popular individual fashion accessories and are extremely trendy, making them a rage with the youth. While the variety of themes they have on offer ensures that people of all vocations and all ages will find something that best expresses their sentiments and personal tastes! 

Zoppini Italian charms are available in 18 KT gold and stainless steel as modular units that easily mount onto the charm bracelet.

The charms are easily stringed onto an interlocking bracelet and the sheer number of possible combinations is so many that each bracelet becomes unique! The themes range from hobbies to animals to festivals, moods, expressions, motifs and symbols and many others.

Each genuine Zoppini item is handcrafted and comes with the Zoppini logo and they distribute their products only through authorized sales agents.

Zoppini Italian Charms - General Information:

  • These charms are available in small, medium and large sizes
  • They are easily mounted onto interlocking bracelets. Bracelets can be customized as per individual tastes and can accommodate a fixed number of charms based upon the number of links.
  • The bracelets are also variable and can be customised to any size as per requirements.
  • Prices of the bracelets start from about from $6 to $20 and charms are typically available from $15 to $45 per charm, depending on your selection, the style, the material and the execution.

Zoppini charms interlink with those of other companies as per standard sizes - For example, medium to medium or large to large, etc.

Zoppini does not sell direct to consumers and it is best to contact the company for any trade orders and to locate authorized distributors for your area.

e-mail - info@zoppini.us

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