Recipes for catsup

_Mushroom Catsup._

Clean the mushrooms by wiping them, and cutting off the ends of the stems. Pot them in a deep pan, and sprinkle salt over each layer. Let them remain for 2 days. Then put them in a sieve, and strain off all the juice. Pour it into your preserving-kettle, allow 12 cloves, 12 allspice, 2 or 3 pieces of mace, and 1/2 of a small nutmeg, grated. Let it boil for fifteen minutes, remove it from the fire, and let it stand for two or three days, Strain and bottle for use.

_Tomato Catsup._

Take 3 a peek of tomatoes, wash and slice them; put them in your preserving-kettle, and let them stew gently until quite soft, but do not stir them. Strain the juice through a sieve, pour it back into the kettle. Add 24 cloves, 1/2 an ounce of allspice, 1/2 an ounce of mace; salt and Cayenne to your taste. Set it on the fire, and let it boil until reduced to half the original quantity. The next day strain out the spice, and to every pint of juice l add 1/2 gill of vinegar, and bottle for use.

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