Recipe for macaroons

Blanch 4 ounces of almonds, and pound them with 4 tablespoonfuls of orange-flower water, beat the whites of 4 eggs to a froth, mix it with a pound of sugar, sift the almonds into a paste, and lay it in different cakes on paper to bake.


Take 1 pound of almonds, blanch them and throw them into cold water, then rub them dry with a cloth, and pound them in a mortar, moisten them with orange-flower or rosewater, lest they turn to oil: then take 1 pound of fine loaf sugar, whisk the whites of 4 eggs; beat all well together, and shape them round with a spoon, on paper previously buttered and sugared, to prevent their burning; bake them in a gentle oven on tin plates.

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