Poultry care: Fattening poultry

An experiment has been tried of feeding geese with turnips cut in small pieces like dice, but less in size, and put into a trough of water; with this food alone the effect was that six geese each when lean weighing only nine pounds, actually gained twenty pounds each in about three weeks' fattening.

Malt is an excellent food for geese and turkeys; grains are preferred for the sake of economy, unless for immediate and rapid fattening; the grains should be boiled afresh.

Other cheap articles for fattening are oatmeal and treacle;; barley-meal and milk; boiled oats and ground malt.

Corn before being given to fowls should always be crushed and soaked in water. the food will thus go further, and it will help digestion. Hens fed thus have been known to lay during the whole of the winter months.

Turkeys are very tender while young, afterwards quite hardy. Put them in large and open coops, they may be well raised with hens, and ramble less so. When hatched some put a grain of black pepper down their throats as a sort of cordial. the best food for ducks when hatched is bread and milk; in a few days barley-meal wetted into balls as big as peas.

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