Platinum and gold alloy

Put into a clean crucible 7 1/2 drs. of pure gold and when perfectly melted, throw in 1/2 a dr. of platinum. The 2 metals will combine intimately forming an alloy rather whiter than pure gold, but remarkably ductile and elastic; it is also less perishable than pure gold or jeweller's gold; but more readily fusible than that metal.

These excellent qualities must render this alloy an object of great interest to workers in metals. For springs, where steel cannot be used, it will prove exceedingly advantageous.

It is a curious circumstance, that the alloy of gold and platinum is soluble in nitric acid, which does not act on either of the metals in a separate state. It is remarkable, too, that the alloy has very nearly the color of platinum, even when composed of 11 parts of gold to 1 of the former metal.

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