Ox tail soup recipe

Procure 2 fresh ox-tails, cut each joint after dividing them into inch lengths with a small meat-saw, steep them in water for two hours and then place them in a stewpan with 3 carrots, 8 turnips 3 onions, 2 heads of celery, 4 cloves, and a blade of mace. Fill up the stewpan with broth from the boiling stockpot, boil this by the side of the stove fire till done, drain the pieces of ox-tail on a large sieve, allow them to cool,, trim them neatly, and place them in a soup pot. Clarify the broth the ox-tails were boiled in strain it through a napkin into a basin, and then pour it into the soup pot containing the trimmed pieces of oxtails, and also some small olive-shaped pieces of carrot and turnip that have been boiled in a little of the broth, and a small lump of sugar, add a pinch of pepper, and previously to sending the soup to table let it boil gently by the side of the stove fire for a few minutes. This soup may be served also in various other ways, by adding thereto a puree of any sort of vegetables, such for instance as a puree of peas, carrots, turnips, celery, lentils.

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