Household Cyclopedia - Old Fashioned Recipes

Household Information - Old Fashioned Recipes

Following are old fashioned recipes from the book published  in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information.  They offer a fascinating historical perspective of what life was like in 1881 and what recipes people used. 


How to make bread
How to make butter

French bread recipe

Old fashioned recipes: Cooking shrimp
Old fashioned recipes: Seafood
Early American recipes: Soups
Late nineteenth century recipes: Recipes for sauces
How to cook potatoes
Old fashioned vegetable recipes
Tapioca recipes
Old fashioned pudding recipes
Old fashioned desserts
Old fashioned gingerbread recipes
Old fashioned cake recipes
Old fashioned bun recipes
How to make punch
Old fashioned recipes: How to make coffee
Old fashioned dishes
Recipe for braised ham with spinach
Late nineteenth century recipes for beef
Recipes for mutton
Old fashioned recipe: Fricassee of Chickens with Mushrooms
Early American recipes: Unusual Recipes
Old fashioned egg recipes
Ragout recipes
Recipes for catsup
Recipe for mayonnaise
Old fashioned turtle soup recipe
Ox tail soup recipe
Recipe for lobster salad
Mince meat recipe
Recipes for pudding
Custard recipes
Recipe for apple pudding
Lemon pudding recipe
How do you make bread pudding?
Recipe for plum pudding
Tapioca pudding recipe
Black cake recipe
Recipe for plum cake
Meringue recipes
Recipe for macaroons
Recipes for rice pudding
Orange marmalade recipe
How to prepare sugar for candying
Recipe for syllabub
Blackberry wine recipe
What is alcohol fermentation
The brewing process
How to make apple cider
Wine Making
Assorted recipes for homemade wines
How to care for homemade wine
How to store wine
Claret Wine management
Comprehensive look at alcohol distillation
Arrack liquor
How to get sugar from beet root
Homemade liqueurs
The distillation process to make cordials
Recipe for ratafia
Cherry brandy recipe
Homemade brandy recipes
Recipe for curacoa
Homemade brandy recipes
Recipes for whiskey
How to obtain essential oils from the source
Rules for the distillation of water
How to make rosemary water
Flavored water recipes
Lavender water recipe
How to make vinegar

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