Natural homemade hair dye

_Twigg's Hair-Dye._

Sugar of lead, 1 dr.; milk of sulphur, 2 drs.; rosewater, 4 fl. oz.; glycerine, 1 fl. oz. Mix. This is the general composition of the various popular hair-dyes and restoratives, which contain a yellowish sediment and are not oily.

_Silver Hair-Dye._

Nitrate of silver, 1 oz.; water, 9 oz.; in blue bottle; sulphuret of potassium (fresh), 1 oz.; water, 8 oz., in white bottle. Moisten the hair first with the latter solution, and when dry add the silver solution.

Another.--Owing to the unpleasant smell of the mordant (white bottle) in the foregoing, a substitute is made by pouring boiling water, 1/2 pt., upon 3 oz. of bruised galls. When cold strain and bottle. For the blue bottle add to the solution, as above, ammonia, until the precipitate formed is redissolved.

_Brown Dye._

To a saturated solution of sulphate of copper (blue vitriol), add ammonia until the precipitate which falls is redissolved. For a mordant, to be first applied, as above, use a saturated solution of ferrocyanide of potassium.

_Orfila's Hair-Dye._

Take 3 parts of litharge and 2 of quicklime, mix thoroughly; keep in a well stopped bottle. When used mix with water or milk, apply to the hair, and envelope in an oil-skin cap fur 5 or 6 hours.

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