Recipes for mutton

_Mutton Cutlets, Plain._

Choose a neck of mutton that has been killed at least four days, saw off the scrag end, and as much of the rib-bongs as may be necessary in order to leave the cutlet-bones not more than three inches and a half long the spine-bones must also be removed with the saw, without damaging the fillet. Next cut the neck of mutton thus trimmed into as many cutlets as there are bones, detach the meat from the upper pert of each bone, about three-quarters of an inch, then dip them in water and flatten them with a cutlet-bat, trim away the sinewy part, and any superfluous fat. The cutlets must then be seasoned with pepper and salt, passed over with a pastebrush dipped in clarified butter, and nicely broiled over or before a clear fire. When they are done dish them up neatly, and serve with plain brown gravy under them.

Cutlets prepared in this way may also be served with either of the following sauces: Poor-man's Poivrade; for which see another page.

_Mutton Cutlets, Bread-crumbed and Broiled with Shallot Gravy._

Trim the cutlets in the usual manner, and season them with pepper and salt; then egg them slightly over with a paste-brush dipped in two yolks of eggs, beaten upon a plate for the purpose pass each cutlet through sorme fine bread-crumbs then dip them separately in some clarified butter, and bread-crumb them over once more; put them into shape with the blade of a knife, and lay them on a gridiron to be broiled over a clear fire, of a light-brown color; then glaze and dish them up and serve them with plain or shallot gravy. These cutlets may also be served with any of the sauces directed to be used for plain broiled cutlets.

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