Recipe for lobster salad

Break the shells, and remove the meat whole from the tails and claws of the lobsters; put this into a basin, with a little oil, vinegar, pepper and salt, and reserve the pith and coral to make some lobster-butter, which is to be thus used: First, spread a circular foundation of the lobster butter upon the bottom of the dish, about seven inches in diameter, and the fourth part of an inch thick, then scoop out the centre, leaving a circular band: Drain the lobster on a cloth, out the pieces in oval scallops, and with some of the butter (to stick the pieces firmly together), pile the lobster up in three successive rows, the centre being left hollow; fill this with shred lettuce, or salad of any kind, seasoned with oil, vinegar, pepper and salt; pour some scarlet Mayonnaise sauce over the salad, without mashing the pieces of lobster, garnish the base with a border of hearts of lettuces, divided in halves, and around these place a border of plover's eggs, having a small sprig of green tarragon stuck into the pointed end of each; place a whiteheart of lettuce on the top' and serve.

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