Lavender water recipe

Take 30 galls. of the best wine spirit, pour it into a copper still, placed in a hot-water bath, over a clear but steady fire; put to it 6 lbs. of the largest and freshest lavender flowers, after having separated them from all stalks and green leaves, which give the lavender water a woody and faint smell. Put no water into the still, close all the junctures well, and let the spirits and flowers stand in a state of digestion for 24 hours, and then, with a gentle fire, draw off 25 or, at most, 26 galls. only, which, as soon as distilled, are to be poured into a copper vessel for keeping. Wooden vessels and cans are to be avoided, as the best parts of the oil and of the spirits will be absorbed by them, and consequently lost. When the distillation is over draw out, or quench the fire, and let the remaining spirits and flowers continue in the still until the next day. When the above quantity of 25 or 26 galls. has stood for 4 or 5 days, put to it 10 oz. of true English oil of lavender. Mix the whole well in the jar, by drawing out 1 or 2 galls., and then returning them. Repeat this 10 or 12 times, then stop the vessel up close, and do not disturb it for a month at least.

_Lavender-water of the Second Order._

To the 4 or 5 galls. of the spirits, and the lavender flowers left in the still, after the distillation mentioned in the last article, add 15 galls. of common proof spirit, 9 or 10 galls. of spring-water, 3 lbs. of lavender flowers, and 4 oz. of oil of lavender, intimately mixed with loaf sugar, by powdering it in a glass mortar. Digest the whole, and draw off 25 galls., proceeding in every respect as before, except that, in this case, no oil is to be added, for, us there is so much water present, the addition of oil would be apt to turn the whole quantity muddy, or of a bluish or opaque color, which it cannot be easily freed from, without a second distillation.

_Lavender-water for immediate use._

Mix with 1 gall. of proof spirit, 1 1/4 oz. of true English oil of lavender, which is all that will properly combine with the spirit, without injuring the color, by rendering it muddy. When the spirit and the oil are properly mixed, they are to be put into glass bottles, which are to be well stopped and ought to be shaken before used.

_Perfumed Lavender-water,_

Distill by a gentle heat in a sand or water bath, or mix and shake frequently, during 14 days, the following ingredients: 1 oz. of foreign oil of lavender, 1/2 oz. of English lavender, 1/2 oz. of essence of ambergris, and 1 gall. of rectified spirit of wine.

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