Old fashioned sachets

_Heliotrope Sachet._

Powdered orris, 2 lbs.; rose leaves, ground, 1 lb.; Tonqua beans, ground, 1/2 lb., Vanilla beans, 1/4 lb.; grain musk, 1/4 oz.; otto of almonds, 5 drops. Well mix by sifting in a coarse sieve, it is fit for sale.

_Lavender Sachet._

Lavender flowers, ground, 1 lb.; gum benzoin, in powder, 1/4 lb.; otto of lavender, 1/4 oz.

_Millefleur Sachet._

Lavender flowers, ground, orris, rose leaves, benzoin, each, 1 lb.; cinnamon, allspice, each, 2 oz.; tonqua, vanilla, santal, each, 1/4 lb.; musk and civet, each, 2 drs.; cloves, ground, 1/4 lb.

_Portugal Sachet._

Dried orange peel, 1 lb.; dried lemon-peel, 1/2 lb.; dried orris-root, 1/2 lb.; otto of orange-peel, 1 oz.; otto of neroli, 1/4 dr.; otto of lemon-grass, 1/4 dr.

_Rose Sachet._

Rose heels, 1 lb.; santal wood, ground, 1/2 lb.; otto of roses, 1/4 oz.

_Santal Wood Sachet._

This is a good and economical sachet, and simply consists of the ground wood. Santal wood is to be purchased from some of the wholesale dry-salters; the drug-grinders are the people to reduce it to powder for you--any attempt to do so at home will be found unavailable, on account of its toughness.

_Vervaine Sachet._

Lemon peel, dried and ground, 1 lb.; lemon thyme, 1/4 lb.; otto of lemon-grass, 1 dr.; otto of lemon-peel, 1/2 oz.; otto of bergamot, 1 oz.

_Violet Sachet._

Black-currant leaves, rose leaves, each, 1 lb.; powdered orris-root, 2 lbs.; oil of bitter almonds 1/2 dr.; grain musk, 1 dr.; tonqua beans and gum benzoin, each, 1/2 lb. Mix thoroughly and keep together a week before offering for sale.

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