Italian Charms Watch

Italian Charm Watch - Great additions to your bracelet

With the phenomenal success of the Italian Charm bracelet as a fashion accessory, it is but natural for charm enthusiasts to seek other means of expression using their innovative Italian Charms.  The Italian Charm Watch is the latest and quite popular extension to the Italian Charm fad.


Italian Charm Watch - How they work

How they work is that you get a watch dial face that easily interlinks with your standard Italian Charm bracelet. Customized sizes ensure that watch faces from one manufacturer easily fit onto bracelets made by another manufacturer and vice versa. You are advised to check on this compatibility since some manufacturers may not offer this interchangeability.


These watches come in varied shapes and sizes and are customized to fit onto standard Italian Charm bracelets. Watches are available as standalone dial faces or as an accompaniment to a charm bracelet. The watchband is typically an Italian charm bracelet and you can easily add and remove links for resizing purposes or change links with your favorite Italian charms.



These watch faces come in different styles and shapes. You can pick from the traditional, classic look with a round face and embossed numerals, or even a square or rectangular face design. Designs are as varied as choices and you can find practically any style that you may be looking for.


Among the popular styles are multicolored tones on watch faces, popular Disney and other animated faces on the dials; dials made from ceramic; steel and even dials with inlay work! Some manufacturers offer custom dial shapes like heart shaped dials, face profile - shaped dials, etc. Most watches feature quartz movements.


The variety of watch styles for Italian Charms is incredible and most artistically created. Some manufacturers offer glass watch faces that are really beautiful in their coincept and creation.


Typical watch faces cost as follows: Plain dials in basic shapes retail from $ 10 - $ 25. Cartoon faces and other simpler dial concepts also cost the same amount.


Going up the value chain, customized dial shapes can cost from $85 - $ 110, depending upon the watch material [is it stainless steel, or steel coated with gold, etc.].


Highly innovative dial faces with stone inlay work, or watch faces made form glass with innovative designs incorporated can cost from $ 85 - $ 125 and above.


Traditional and popular original Italian manufacturers include Zoppini, and Nomination, though one can find many others making these watches from other countries in the world.


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