How do you make bread pudding?

Twelve ounces of bread-crumbs, 8 ounces of sugar, 2 ounces of butter, a pint of milk, the rind of a lemon rubbed on a piece of sugar, 6 yolks of eggs and 2 whites whipped and a little salt. Put the bread-crumbs into a basin with the sugar, butter, lemon-sugar and salt then pour in the milk boiling, cover up the whole and leave it to steep for about ten minutes; the eggs may then be added, and after the whole has been well mixed together pour the preperation into a mould or pudding basin previously spread with butter. Steam the pudding for about an hour, and when done dish it up with some arrow-root sauce made as follows: Mix a dessertspoonful of arrowroot with twice that quantity of sugar, half the juice of a lemon, a little nutmeg, and a gill of water, and stir this over the fire until it boils.

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