Household Cyclopedia - Household Advice & Information from 1881

Household Information - Household advice and information

Following are household advice and information oriented articles from the book published in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information.  They offer a fascinating historical perspective of what life was like in the late 19th century (1881) and what household advice and information people lived by.   These articles should be used for historical research purposes only.


Household Advice and InformationIncludes articles like: How to avoid nightmares; Old Fashioned Cologne; How to live, etc.

Fractures and Sprains from a late nineteenth century perspective
What do you do for a bee sting?
Old herbal remedies for coughs and colds
How to avoid nightmares
Advice for the crew of a ship
Preservation from drowning and shipwreck
How to avoid drowning
General rules for living
Advice on how to live
Old fashioned advice: How to care for your teeth
Old fashioned advice: How to prepare meat

What is seltzer water made of?
How to make oils
What is spermaceti?
The purification of seal oil
Materials used in perfumery

Complete rules for rowing
How to clean a chimney
How to clean mirrors
Late nineteenth century living: Cleaning household items

Lightning safety tips

What are disinfectants?
How to make paper fireproof

Old fashioned cologne
Old fashioned shampoo recipes
Natural homemade hair dye
Old fashioned hair pomade
Skin complexion remedies
Old fashioned sachets
How to make soap
Late nineteenth century life: Washing clothes
How to clean metal
How to clean marble
Removing stains from a variety of materials


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